Thursday, February 14, 2013

Schuschnigg supports Habsburg restoration

February 14, 1937

Austrian Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg is has "openly committed his governmental party, the Fatherland Front, to support" the propaganda "for restoration of the Habsburg dynasty in Austria," reports the Associated Press.

Schuschnigg is also stating that a "plebiscite" will be held to allow the Austrians a say in the matter.

"The Austrian people will decide in a constitutional manner whether Austria is to return to the monarchy," he said in a speech in front of 1500 Fatherland Front district leaders.

Although he did not provide a date for the plebiscite, the Chancellor did declared that "the government and the Fatherland Front alone will choose the time when this issue will be referred to the people."

Official support will be given to "the campaign to place Archduke Otto," eldest son of the late Emperor Karl, on the throne.

Archduke Otto is 24 years old.

:"In connection with monarchist propaganda, the Fatherland Front has accepted as one of its missions to awaken and uphold the traditions of the house of Habsburg.  The form of the state will be decided by the Austrian people on the basis of the constitution."

But Dr. Schuschnigg warned that "no experimenting will be tolerated, and monarchist propaganda must be adjusted to the internal and foreign situation."

He does not support "impatient monarchists" who have been "toying with the idea of a restoration by coup d'etat."  The Chancellor is insisting that "legal methods" must be used.

The Chancellor does not support the pro-German elements what a "national front," and remains convinced that "Austria must remain independent."

He would not give any hints as to the nature of the plebiscite.  Currently, the mayors of Austria's cities elected the head of state.  It is not known if Archduke Otto will be recalled to Austria "at this juncture.

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