Friday, February 15, 2013

Alfonso helps Manoel woo Beatrice

February 15, 1909

In an exclusive dispatch, the Los Angeles is reporting today that King Alfonso XIII of Spain is helping his hunting buddy, King Manoel of Portugal, wood Princess Beatrice of Edinburgh, youngest daughter of the Duke of Edinburgh.

According to the report, Alfonso, for "personal and political reasons," favors the match, which will mean a lot to to the English, Spanish and Portuguese governments, should the marriage take place.

A marriage between King Manoel and Princess Beatrice, a niece of King Edward VII,  would be enthusiastically approved by the Portuguese royal family, and is already "hailed with delight by the royal press."

Although no official information has been received, the Portuguese press "regards the match" as a done deal, and is "printing praises of the young King's decision."

King Alfonso left Villa Vicosa on Sunday for a special train to Madrid.  His wife, Queen Ena, is a first cousin of Princess Beatrice.

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Rex said...

Marlene, I have read this in "Bertie - A Life of Edward VII" by Jane Ridley 2012: quoting from Copenhagen Letters, box 103, Alix to Minnie, 22 November 1874 -
On page 168 she discusses Bertie and Alix travelling to Russia for Alfred's wedding to GD Marie and then describes a a dinner and drawing room held in Alfred & Marie's honour at Windsor after their wedding, it says: In spite of her grandeur, Marie, like all the Romanovs, was starltingly earthy. At the christening of her first child, she breastfed the baby, regardless of Queen Victoria finding it índecent and degoûtent!!!' When the child puked over her fine dress, Marie was quite unembarrassed: 'she stood up and the Empress of Russia took the little one and Marie ran about with her big breast hanging down in front of everyone and wiped the dress clean!!!'