Friday, February 15, 2013

New additions

Crown Prince Friedrich and Crown Princess Victoria in the fall of 1864 with their four eldest children: Prince Wilhelm, Princess Charlotte, Prince Heinrich and the newborn, Prince Sigismund

Princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxembourg and Count Knud von Holstein Ledreborg.  The others, apart from Grand Duchess Charlotte, are not identified.

Princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxembourg, perhaps at the time of her engagement.

Proud Papa:  Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark with his toddler daughter, Princess Margrethe


ilducess said...

Apart from the Grand Duchess Charlotte seems to be a Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna-younger.

John said...

Marlene was Princess Charlotte ill? Maybe it is an optical illusion in the photo, at quick glance she looks bald. I know back then it wasn't uncommon during measles epidemics to shave the hair. It could just be an illusion of the photo.