Friday, April 22, 2022

Ella takes her vows

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 April 22, 1908 

 Grand Duchess Elisabeth of Russia, the widow of Grand Duke Serge, and a sister of Empress Alexandra, "took the veil of a nun to-day," according to the New York Times. She will "devote herself to the hospital of the Woman's Refuge," which was founded after her husband's assassination on February 17, 1905. He was killed by an anarchist who threw a bomb at the Grand Duke's carriage as he was leaving his Moscow palace.

The ceremony "of taking the orders was impressive in its simplicity." No distinction was made between the Grand Duchess and other women of noble birth and peasants. All told, eighteen women took their vows of Sisters of Mercy in the Russian Orthodox Church. 

The ceremony took place in the institution, and Elisabeth is expected to become the order's Mother Superior. Elisabeth's sister, Princess Henry of Prussia, was among those who attended the service. Last week, the Grand Duchess "paid a farewell visit" to her sister, Alexandra, and brother-in-law, Emperor Nicholas II, and other family members in St.Petersburg.


Noore said...

A beautiful and devout lady who met a grisly end.

Christina O. said...

Marlene, thank you for posting this remembrance of Princess Ella/Grand Duchess Elizabeth. And to Noore, gratitude for noting her sacrifice.