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The civil marriage of Hereditary Prince Ferdinand of Leiningen and Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia

@Ulrike Bartsch
Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia and Hereditary Prince Ferdinand zu Leiningen

@Ulrike Bartsch
Princess Ehrengard of Prussia,  Princess Viktoria Luise & Hereditary Prince Ferdinand, and the Princess and Prince of Leiningen

@Ulrike Bartsch
The bride and groom with their witnesses and Mayor Peter Schmitt

@Ulrike Bartsch
The bride's older  brother, Prince Friedrich Wilhelm and his wife, Princess Anna Catharina.  They came to the civil wedding with their young daughter. 

Hereditary Prince Ferdinand of Leiningen and Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia were united in marriage today at the Amorbach Refektorium.  This was the civil ceremony, which is required by German law.  It is the legal marriage.

Princess Viktoria Luise Kira Ehrengard of Prussia is the second of three children of the late Prince Friedrich Wilhem of Prusia and his second wife, Ehrengard von Reden.

The couple were married by Amorbach's mayor Peter Schmitt.

Blue was the color of the day.  The Hereditary Prince wore a dark blue suit with an orange handkerchief in the top pocket of the jacket.  Princess Victoria Luise chose a sky-blue jacquard dress, which was complemented by silver pumps.  She carried a small bouquet that included pink roses,  peonies and lily-of-the valley.

The couple were joined by their parents, the Prince and Princess of Leiningen and Princess Ehrengard of Prussia, along with siblings and friends.  A reception at the Rectory was held after the wedding.

The religious wedding will take place in Amorbach on September 16.

This was the first marriage between two descendants of Queen Victoria since 1981 when Prince Andreas zu Leiningen (now the Prince of Leiningen) married Princess Alexandra of Hanover.

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Bill said...

Their mutual ties to Victoria are really interesting.

Diane Brown said...

Oh the history!

One thing ...he really should have worn a suit that fit. His jacket is way too small. She looks lovely. He reminds me of HGD Guilaume somewhat ~

yooperprof said...

I think it's interesting that the most recent marriages among QV's descendants have been on the German side. I wonder what country has the largest # of resident descendants - it would not surprise me and in some ways make sense if it were Germany.

Unknown said...

I agree with you about the fact the groom wore an ill fitting jacket.