Saturday, April 22, 2017

Prince Heinrich of Bavaria marries Henriette Gruse

Prince Heinrich of Bavaria married Henrietta Gruse  at Kloster Andechs earlier today.  Heinrich, 31, is the second son of Prince Luitpold and Princess Beatrix of Bavaria.

Thanks to Gabi Piesiur for allowing me to use a selection of her photos.  She is the copyright holder.

The two women are the Duchess of Braganza and the Countess Elisabeth of Toerring Jettenbach

Princess Anastasia of Croy with her father, the Duke of Croy.  Prince Heinrich of Croy.

The Prince and Princess of Ligne

Princess Anna and Prine Manuel of Bavaria, Princess Ursula of Bavaria,  Princess Felipa of Bavaria with her husband, Christian Dienst.  Princess Felipa is expecting her third child.

The Duke in Bavaria with his daughter, Duchess Elizabeth and her husband, Daniel Terberger

The bride arrives

Brothers-in-law Prince Lukas of Auersperg with his son, Prince Ludwig, and Prince Ferdinand of Lippe-Weissenfeld with his younger son, Prince Carl Philipp.  Their wives, Princesses Alice and Auguste are sisters of the groom.

Duke of Bavaria and Duchess of Braganza

Prince Konstantin of Bavaria and his girlfriend

The Duke of Croy (right)

Prince Ludwig of Bavaria


Unknown said...

What a lovely Bride,the tiara is gorgeous and the dress too. The chaps in full armour are quite something! any information on them?

quet said...

Such a beautiful set. Prince Ludwig of Bavaria is such a handsome fellow

GA old man said...

Looks like a warm day and quite a steep incline to reach the marriage venue.