Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Viktoria Luise sides new with new husband

September 25, 1913

The German Imperial family  is in a "word-splitting wrangle over the formalities in connection with " Prince Ernst August of Cumberland and his new wife, Princess Viktoria Luise, Kaiser Wilhelm II's only daughter, as Duke and Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg.

This split, according to the New York Times, is based on information from "Hanoverian circles communicated" to the Berlin Tageblatt.

The wrangle nearly led to a "split in the German Imperial family," and a decision to withdraw from Germany by Prince Ernst August and Princess Viktoria Luise.

Prussian officials, according to the report, have "insisted on a more explicit renunciation" by Prince Ernst August to the Hanover throne.  Prince Ernst August would have none of this, and "declared that he would take off his Prussian uniform and retire to Gmunden, Austria," with his wife.

Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg has "yielded on the point," and is trying to find a new solution to the difficult and emotional situation.

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