Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Luxembourgers to vote on their future

September 25, 1919

The citizens of the tiny grand duchy of Luxembourg will go to the polls on Sunday to "decide  whether they desire to maintain or suppress the ruling dynasty."  The plebiscite, the first of many "growing out of the war," will also offer Luxembourgers the right to decide whether or not to "conclude an economic arrangement with France or Belgium," according to the Associated Press.

The plebiscite does not include a provision to a "future form of government" if the voters choose to "suppress the dynasty."  It is understood, however, that the "grand duchy will remain an autonomous province" regardless how the citizens vote to "enter the economic compact."

The reigning Grand Duchess is Charlotte, sister of the former Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide, who succeeded her father, Wilhelm IV  in February 1912. 

Marie Adelaide abdicated after the signing of the armistice, and retired to Switzerland  because her "attitude at the declaration and during the war was considered not to be sufficiently anti-German.

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