Monday, September 16, 2013

Interview with Prince Félix and Claire Lademacher

Courtesy of Wort, one of primary Luxembourg newspapers

(CS/hay) Prince Félix and Claire Lademacher will get married in just a few days. spoke with the bride and groom about love, the honeymoon and where they will live after the wedding.
Tell us, how did you get to know each other and since when are you a couple?
Prince Félix: We met in 2001 in Switzerland and the international boarding school Beau Soleil in Villars-sur-Ollon, which we both attended as part of our secondary school education. Over the years a close friendship developed, which stands at the beginning and is the foundation of our relationship.
Do you know where you will live after the wedding?
Félix: I just completed my university studies with a Master's in bioethics. After my studies I have to earn a living and provide for my family.
Claire Lademacher: Aside of my dissertation, which I am currently working on, we decided to begin our life as newlyweds in the south of France, where we will manage a family winery.
Why is the civil marriage in Königstein im Taunus and the church service at the Basilique Sainte Marie-Madeleine in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume in the Départment Var?
Félix: It is tradition that the wedding is celebrated in the country where the bride was born. We want to keep this tradition, which, as I think, is a sign of respect towards the family of my future wife. Additionally, the history of Königstein is closely connected with the history of the Grand Ducal family, which enforces the symbolic nature of the choice even more.
Claire: We both like to remember the wonderful summer holidays, which we spent in the south of France at the house of my parents near Lorgues or with my future parents-in-law in Cabasson, just the two of us or with our families and friends. The idea to get married in the Provence came up all by itself, because we wanted to extend these precious moments with our loved ones.
Can you reveal how many guests are invited to the religious service?
Félix: We are expecting around 350 guests.
The honeymoon is always very special for the newlyweds. Where will you spend yours?
Félix: The day after our wedding we will depart on our honeymoon, and I will personally take care of the organisation. It is tradition in our family that the destination of the honeymoon is a surprise for the bride, that is only revealed at the last minute before departure...So you will understand that I cannot tell you more.


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