Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Versailles Wedding for Princess Isabella

September 12, 1923

Princess Isabella of Orleans, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Guise,  was married today in a "strictly private" ceremony at Versailles, reports the New York Times.

The Princess married Count Bruno d'Harcourt.   The bride's witness was former Queen Marie Amelie of Portugal.   The Duchess de la Rochefoucauld was the witness for the groom.

Princess Isabella was born on November 27, 1900 at Paris.  Her father is the son of the Duke of Chartres, brother of the Count of Paris.  He married his cousin, Princess Isabella, at Twickenham in 1899.

The bride is also the niece of the Duke of Orleans, pretender of the French throne, who is said to be "critically ill" at Inverness Lodge in Roehampton, near London.

Former Queen Amelia is the eldest sister of the Duke of Orleans.   The Duchess de la Rochefoucauld is the former Mattie Elizabeth Mitchell of Portland, Maine.  She married the Duke in 1892.

Count Bruno was born in 1892. The d' Harcourt family is described as a "historic royalist family of Calvados, France."

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