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Will young Rainier lose his rights?

March 18, 1927

The succession rights of 10-year-old Prince Rainier of Monaco appear to be "seriously threatened by claims now being advanced with renewed vigor" by Count Aynard de Chabrillan, a cousin of Prince Louis of Monaco, the Reigning Sovereign Prince.  

The New York Times is reporting that France's Foreign Minister Joseph Paul-Boncour, who is also Count de Chabrillan's legal counsel, has declared that his client's claims "appear well founded in law.

Count de Chabrillan "energetically revived his claims" after Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis's daughter, divorced her husband, Prince Pierre de Polignac.  Following this recent divorce, the Princess announced plans of a second marriage and "going to live as a private citizen in Italy."

Prince Louis has since recommended the appointment of a Regency Council" to rule in case he dies before Prince Rainier, Charlotte's son, reaches his majority.

Prince Rainier's father, Prince Pierre, has declined Prince Louis' offer to be a part of the Regency because of his "unpopularity with the

Both Prince Louis and the Count de Chabrillan are descendants of Prince Honore III of Monaco.  Until 1924, there was another claimant, Duke Wilhelm of Urach, but according to the 1918 Franco-Monégasque, the Duke of Urach was excluded because the new treaty stipulated that heirs to the principality had to be French or Monégasque nationals.

After Princess Charlotte's right of succession was confirmed in 1919, Duke Wilhelm and his family "renounced their rights in favor of the Count de Chabrillan."  Both the Duke and the Count believed that Prince Louis had "violated the status of the  house" when he adopted his natural daughter, and proclaimed her as heir.

Mr. Paul-Boncour believes he found "certain irregularities" in the legislation where Charlotte was "recognized as his legitimate heiress."

This follows that her son's rights may also be in jeopardy.

Count Aynard Guigues Moreton Chabrillan, 10th Marquess of Chabrillan, was born on January 16, 1869 at Cannes.  He married  Clementine Felicite de Lévis-Mirepoix on October 18, 1893.  They have three children, Countess Anne (1894), Count Robert (1896-1925) and Countess Isabelle (1897). 

He is the second son of Fortuné de Moreton, Marquess of Chabrillan (1829-1900) and Princess Anne Francoise of Croy (1831-1887.)  

The line to Honore III is maternal through Count Aynard's paternal grandmother, Joséphine de la Tour du Pin-La Charce, daughter of Princess Honorine of Monaco.

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