Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Martha arrives in Norway

March 19, 1929

Oslo buildings have been festooned with "thousands of carnations and tulips" fluttering in the wind in honor of Princess Martha of Sweden, who arrived in Oslo earlier today.  Huge crowds lined Carl Johan Street, and there were enthusiastic cheers for the princess and Crown Prince Olav.

The New York Times reports that "police lines were broken," and the couple were "nearly mobbed" as they were driven to the Palace.

Oslo has never experienced such a day as today.  Princess Martha arrived shortly before noon at Oslo's train station.  She traveled from Stockholm on the King of Sweden's blue railroad car. 

The future Crown Princess was dressed in a "mantle of green, a velvet cape trimmed with white fox fur and a little green hat with a diamond clasp."

The "tall, soldierly figure" of King Haakon, dressed in a gray-blue uniform walked toward Princess Martha,  welcomed her to Oslo, and then "took her by the hand" to Queen Maud, "who kissed her affectionately."

Finally,  Crown Prince Olav greeted his fiancée with a "gallant kiss o her hand."  The royal party entered their cars for the drive back the palace.

Crown Prince Olav and Princess Martha received a "triumphal welcome," a "roar of cheers" arose from the "thousands in the streets, windows, and perched on house tops."

The crowds had been waiting in the bitter cold for several hours.

The wedding will take place on Thursday.  The newlyweds will travel Thursday night to the French Riviera for their honeymoon.

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