Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lady Mary Cambridge to wed

March 27, 1923

Lady Mary Cambridge, elder daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Cambridge, is engaged to marry the Marquess of Worcester, heir to the Duke of Beaufort, reports the Daily Express.

  There has not been an official announcement from Lord and Lady Cambridge.

Last year Lady Mary was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Princess Mary to Lord Lascelles.  She was born in 1897.   Lord Worcester is 23 years old.

Lady Mary is a niece of Queen Mary, and she is "the second of Princess Mary's bridesmaids to become engaged" since the Princess' wedding.   Lady Mary is "intimately connected with royal circles," and is better known to the public than Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who is engaged to marry the Duke of York.

Lady Elizabeth was the first of Princess Mary's bridesmaids to become engaged. Lady Mary will be one of Lady Elizabeth's bridesmaids next month.

Henry Hugh Arthur Fitzroy, Marquess of Worcester,  attended the Military College at Sandhurst, and "served in the Royal Horse Guards."  He is the only son of the Duke of Beaufort.

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