Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hermine leaves Doorn

March 26, 1923

Princess Hermine, the second wife of former Kaiser Wilhelm II, does not travel lightly, reports the New York Times.   Her departure today from Doorn was a "considerable exodus" as she began her trip to Germany with her "three children, nurses, governesses, maids and lackeys" and plenty of luggage.

Her husband accompanied her to the train station at Amersfoort, about eight miles from Doorn, and put them on the train.  He kissed them all goodbye "affectionately," and then returned to Doorn alone.

Although there have been reports of matrimonial discord at Doorn, due to Wilhelm's "moods and tempers,"  Hermine is not leaving Doorn for good.   There are times when she and her husband are on "very affectionate terms," and he is "most attentive" to her.

The princess is going to visit her estate, Schloss Saabor in Silesia to spend some time with her two eldest sons.  She is expected to return after Easter.

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