Monday, March 4, 2013

Few details for Jolanda's wedding

March 4, 1923

According to the Associated Press, neither the Italian Royal House for the Italian Government are providing details of the "approaching marriage" of Princess Jolanda and Captain Count Calvi di Bergoli.

This is "keeping with the custom of the House of Savoy," that the wedding of King Vittorio Emanuele's eldest daughter is "strictly a family event, and no publicity is desired."

The marriage will take place on April 9, the first day after Easter "on which, according to the rules of the Catholic Church, a wedding can be celebrated."

April 9th is also the last day that the King will be in Rome "for a considerable period," as he will be in Milan on the 12th to open a fair.

The venue of the wedding has not been decided, but the religious ceremony could take palace in the Quirinal Palace or the royal church of Santa Maria deli Angeli, where King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Elena were married.

Those close to the court believe the wedding will take place in the Pauline Chapel. which is located in the Royal Palace, because it will "afford greater privacy."

Because of this "desire for privacy," no invitations will be "sent to foreign courts."   There also will be no foreign representatives at the wedding.

Princess Jolanda has requested that no gifts "be sent to her." She and her fiance would prefer that money be donated to charity.

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