Thursday, March 21, 2013

Constantine takes oath

March 21, 1913

King Constantine of the Hellenes has taken the oath of office in the Chamber of Deputies today, reports the New York Times.  The ceremony took place in the presence of the "highest officials of the State and all the members of Parliament."

As soon as the new King left the Palace for the ceremony, he was greeted with a 101 gun salute.  The weather in Athens was described as "brilliant," and allowed for "great crowds of people who cheered the King on his way. 

Military bands were placed all along the route, and when the king passed by, a band would begin playing the National Anthem.

The Metropolitan of Athens offered a prayer and then "read aloud the constitutional oath."  The king repeated the oath in a "firm voice."

He signed the oath, which was countersigned by all of the government officials.

King Constantine was dressed in a General's uniform. His wife, Queen Sophie, Crown Prince George and other members of the Greek royal family, were all attired in "deep mourning."

After returning the palace, King Constantine and Queen Sophie "received the congratulations" from members of the government and other officials. 

This evening, the King and other members of the royal family and household, accompanied by Prime Minister Venizelos, left for Salonika.

They will arrive in Salonika tomorrow.  King George's body will be returned to Athens aboard a Greek warship.

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