Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wilhelm to be a father

February 28, 1923

Kaiserin Hermine is said to be expecting a child, at, least according to Potsdam gossip, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

There are also reports that Hermine's husband, former Kaiser Wilhelm II, wants to leave Doorn to travel to Corfu, where his estate, Achellion, was "confiscated by the Italian government," and Wilhelm is in the process of negotiating  for its return.

He has also voiced complaints that the German government "will not increase his allowance" until a settlement is reached with the Hohenzollern property.  Other members of the family, who still live in Germany, have already received their settlements.

When Hermine married Wilhelm II, she was required to leave "her private fortune for her children" in Germany, so she came to Doorn "dowerless."

Hermine is expected to visit Corfu with her children from her first marriage.

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