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Mabelle Corey postpones marriage to Don Luis

February 25, 1929

Due to the death of Queen Mother Maria Cristina of Spain, Mabelle Corey  told the press tonight that her marriage to Don Luis de Borbon-Orleans "would be unavoidably delayed" during the mourning period for King Alfonso's mother, reports the New York Times.

"I have conferred with the mother of Don Luis, the Infanta Eulalia, as I said I would last week, and naturally I agreed with her that no marriages among member of Spanish royalty could take place for quite some time yet.  In fact, it would be a disrespect to the memory of the beloved Queen Mother to announce an engagement at this time."

Infanta Eulalia is the King's aunt.  Mrs. Corey is divorced from William Ellis Corey, an American steel magnate.  She told reporters that she will remain for a "short time at her chateau" outside Paris  before she returns to San Remo on the Italian Riviera, where she "believes Don Luis is still sojourning."

Mrs. Corey received the chateau as a part of the divorce settlement.

Don Luis remains under a "French expulsion order," despite Mrs. Corey's unsuccessful efforts to remain permission for him to return to France. 

Mabelle Gilman is a former Broadway actress and singer who married William Ellis Corey, President of United States Steel, in 1907.  They married in an "improved chapel in the Hotel Gotham," at Fifth Avenue and 55th Street.  According to the New York Times, Corey "sacrificed the wife of his youth" in order to marry Miss Gilman.

They stood under "an arch of orchids and asparagus plumes," while they said their marriage vows.

They spent their honeymoon at the Chateau Villegenis, outside Paris, which was Mr. Corey's wedding gift to his bride.  At the time of the wedding, the chateau was valued at about $1,000,000.  The bride also received "many handsome jewels."

Mabelle Gilman was born on December 4, 1882 in San Francisco.  She divorced William Corey in 1923.

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