Friday, February 1, 2013

Leopold's daughters to get money

February 1, 1913

The Belgian Court of Appeals has ruled on the settlement of the late King Leopold II's estate.  The King, who died in 1909.  He had amassed a fortune through his "barbaric plunder of the Congo, cut his three daughters out of his will. 

According to a dispatch published in the Los Angeles Times, the president of the Court of Appeals has decided that in order to avoid judgment, he has decided that the three princesses will share $7,520,000.

Princess Stéphanie is the widow of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, who killed himself in a suicide pact with his mistress in 1889, and is now the wife of a Hungarian count.  Princess Louise's marriage to Prince Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha ended in divorce, after she fled the marital home with her lover, Count Mattachich.  Prince Philipp, who was a brutal husband, managed to have Louise placed in a mental asylum, although she was able to escape with the aid of her lover.

The youngest daughter, Princess Clementine, is married to Victor Prince Napoleon.

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