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Kaiser gives approval to niece's marriage

February 22, 1913

Kaiser Wilhelm II has given permission to the marriage of his niece, Princess Viktoria Margarete of Prussia to Prince Heinrich XXXIII Reuss, according to a cable sent to the Los Angeles Times.

The Princess is the only daughter of Prince and Princess Friedrich Leopold of Prussia.

Princess Viktoria Margarete, who is called Gretchen by her family, is "pretty and the young people are both receiving numerous congratulations and presents."

The couple have been "lover-like" for several years. Prince Heinrich recently visited the United States with the German fleet, and while here, sent a letter by "every mail" to his princess in Berlin.  It was his "proof that his heart was not straying towards some young and beautiful millionairess."

Prince Heinrich did not "succumb to the attractions of the belles of Washington and New York" because he was already in love.

Princess Viktoria Margarete, a niece of the Empress Auguste Viktoria, and the Duchess of Connaught, is nearly 23.  Her fiance is ten years her senior.  They were first introduced at the home of Prince Heinrich's cousin, Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg, who is married to another Prince Heinrich of Reuss. 

It was some time before anyone suspected that the couple "were in love with each other."

But before an engagement could be announced, permission from the Kaiser was needed.  He was said at first to "not quite willing" but eventually gave in after a long talk with his cousin, Prince Friedrich Leopold, who also is his brother-in-law.

The young couple were invited to tea with the Kaiser, where they received his blessing.

The Kaiserin, who "loves matchmaking," is very fond of her niece, and has been very encouraging of the romance.

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