Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Prince is Swedes' favorite film star

March 18, 1950

Little Prince Carl Gustav, who will celebrate his 4th birthday on April 30, is Sweden's "youngest and most popular film star." At birth, he received the title Prince of Jamtland, and at his baptism, where he received the names Carl Gustav Folke Hubertus, his great-grandfather, King Gustav V, "decorated him with the Royal Order of the Seraphim," according to the Chicago Tribune.

The prince, who is second in line to the throne, is officially known as Carl Gustav, but the "little boy speaks of himself as Ustaf."

To the Swedes, he is "the little Prince, a lively little boy with fair, curly hair and a mischievous smile."

Last summer, Carl Gustav appeared in a movie where he is shown "enjoying himself on a farm near one of his great-grandfather's summer homes." Carl Gustav appears to "love everything about a farm, especially the animals."
He also likes to play in the sand, "paddle in the water and make sand castles." He is a true Swede as in winter "he loves to roll in the snow and slide on skis and sleds."

Prince Carl Gustav is not a spoiled little boy. He is subjected to strict rules of behavior and conduct," and his education will prepare him to be king one day.
He was only eight months old when his father, Prince Gustav Adolf died in a plane crash in Denmark, and he lives with his mother, Princess Sibylla, and four older sisters, Margaretha, Birgitta, Desiree, and Christina.

The heir apparent to the throne is Carl Gustav's grandfather, Crown Prince Gustav Adolf.

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