Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rupprecht to marry Anna of Austria

March 9, 1900

The Marquise de Fontenoy's latest column in the Chicago Tribune features a report on the engagement of Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria to Archduchess Anna of Austria, daughter of the former Grand Duke of Tuscany and niece of the missing Archduke Johann, who was known as John Orth. The Marquise notes that Rupprecht is the heir presumptive to the Bavarian throne, "now occupied by his lunatic cousin, Otto," but he is also the "legitimist heir to the British throne." His mother, Princess Ludwig of Bavaria, is "at the present moment the most senior living representative of the English royal Stuart dynasty." Rupprecht apparently does not share the enthusiasm for the "English legitimists who each year celebrate the anniversary of the execution of Charles I," and who consider Queen Victoria an usurper.
Prince Rupprecht represented Bavaria at Queen Victoria's "jubilee a few years ago, and while in London experienced annoyance and trouble in avoiding the altogether unwelcome attention" from the English legitimists.
Prince Rupprecht is a "stalwart, square-shoulder, tall and good looking young Prince, far more comely than the other members of his family." He has 'settled down into a respectable, studious and sensible scion of royalty, with a strong disposition towards scientific problems."
The prince's fiancee "belongs to that particular branch of the house of Hapsburg which is famed for its brilliancy and originality."

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