Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Royal influenza victims making progress

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March 30, 1926

By cable to the Los Angeles Times.

The Prince of Wales and Princess Victoria appear to be making progress from influenza and pneumonia. The official news regarding their condition is "reassuring. Princess Victoria, King George's sister, "is maintaining her strength, with no extension of the inflammation of her chest." The Prince of Wales is "recovering rapidly, with no further bulletins issued."

Thews of Princess Victoria's illness has caused great concern at Sandringham. She is a favorite of the royal family. It is believed that her illness was caused by the shock of her mother, Queen Alexandra's death. Victoria was an "inseparable companion" to her mother, and after Alexandra's death, the princess "was forced to go to Italy" to recover. More recently, she has been involved in moving from Marlborough House to a new home, "where she is installing most of her mother's late belongings." The task was nearly complete, when Victoria fell ill with pneumonia.

Princess Victoria is the second of three daughter of the late King Edward VII.

The most recent bulletin for Princess Victoria was released this evening from Marlborough House: "Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria had some sleep. There is no extension of the pneumonic process, but the heart shows signs of strain."

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