Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Princess Miguel regains American citizenship

March 2, 1926

Princess Miguel de Braganza regained her American citzenship today in a Superior court in Newport, Rhode Island, the Associated Press reports. The princess was born Anita Stewart, the daughter of William Rhinelander Stewart. In 1909, she married Prince Miguel de Braganza. He died in 1923.
She lost her American citizenship when she married Prince Miguel, who held Spanish nationality.


Carlos said...

For Christ sake! Prince Miguel wasn't a Spanish, but a Portuguese Prince (LOL): in fact, he had the titles of Infant (same as Prince) of Portugal and Duke of Viseu, and was the son of Prince Michael of Braganza, Infant of Portugal, with his first wife, Princess Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis (a german princess). Prince Michael granted the American citizenship cause he resign to his rights after married morganaticaly Miss Anita Stewart in the US!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Please learn to read. The article states that Miguel had Spanish nationality. The original article did not state that he was a Spanish prince. Moreover, Miguel's marriage to Anita Rhinelander Stewart was not morganatic, as morganatic marriages do not exist in Portuguese law. Miguel did not renounce rights to the throne until on July 21, 1920, when he renounced for himself and for his descendants.
Miguel never became an American citizen, nor did he marry Anita in the US. They were married in Scotland. Anita lost her US citizenship when she married, but was able to regain it after her husband's death.
Miguel apparently was granted Spanish nationality, which would have given him the right to have a Spanish passport.


Prince Dom Miguel de Bragança was PORTUGUESE. He was son and heir of Dom Miguel, Duke of Bragança, who was considered by the traditional royalists King of Portugal under the name of Dom Miguel II.
Princess Anita Rhinelander Stewart de Bragança was too Portuguese Princess, and she received also the ancient title of Duchess of Viseu when she married.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Patrimonio, do you have reading comprehension problems as well. Miguel was not allowed in Portugal. There was no such person as Princess Anita Rhinelander Stewart. Stewart was her maiden name. Rhinelander her middle name. Her husband had a Spanish passport. Not a Portuguese. In those days, an American woman lost her citizenship when she married a foreigner. She had to regain her citizenship after his death. Note the date of the original story. Learn to read. thanks for playing