Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New titles for Prince Henry

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 March 30, 1928

King George V is giving a nice present to his third son, Prince Henry, who celebrates his 28th birthday tomorrow.

It was announced this evening that the King will confer three peerages on Prince Henry, which will accord him the privilege of sitting in the House of Lords. The new titles are Baron Culloden, Earl of Ulster and Duke of Gloucester. The official announcement also stated that the prince's new official style with be HRH The Duke of Gloucester.

The first dukedom of Gloucester was created in 1385, and became extinct in 1834. The first duke was Thomas of Woodstock, younger son of Edward III. He lost his title after being convicted as a traitor during the reign of Richard II. The next duke was Henry IV's son, Humphrey, who received the title in 1414, was wounded in the battle of Agincourt, and often acted as Protector during Henry V's long absences. After Humphrey's wife was charge with "practicing sorcery against the King, Humphrey was himself arrested for treason. He died before his trial.

The third duke was Edward IV's brother, the future Richard III.

The title was extinct for 150 years, when it was created for Charles II's brother, Henry, who died without issue. Queen Anne's eldest son, William (1689-1700) was styled as the Duke of Gloucester, but King William III never issued an official creation of the title. Prince William, the son of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and the brother of George III, was created Duke of Gloucester in 1764. He is the only duke to have passed the title to his son, William. The younger William died in 1834 without issue, and the title reverted to the Crown.

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