Thursday, March 18, 2010

Konstantin of Oldenburg dead in Nice

March 18, 1906

Duke Konstantin of Oldenburg died today in Nice, reports the New York Times. He was born in 1850, and was a cousin of the reigning duke of Oldenburg. The late Grand Duke is a member of the Russian branch of the Oldenburg family. His grandfather, Duke Georg married Grand Duchess Catherine of Russia. They had two sons, Alexander (1810-1829) and Duke Peter (1812-1881), who in 1837 married Princess Therese of Nassau-Weilburg.
Duke Konstantin Friedrich Peter was the seventh of eight children. In 1882, h contracted a morganatic alliance with Aggripina Djaparidze, who was created Countess of Zarnekow. Konstantin is survived by his wife and five children, Countess Alexandra, Countess Catherine, Count Nicholas, Count Alexei and Count Peter. Countess Alexandra is the wife of Prince George Yurievsky, the son of Emperor Alexander II and his morganatic wife, Princess Catherine Dolgoruky, who was Princess Yurievskaya. Alexandra and her husband, George are the parents of the late duke's only grandchild, Prince Alexander, who was born in December 1900.

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