Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hochberg to be told: no engagement

March 4, 1930

Count Alexander von Hochberg will be informed by Roumania's Minister to Germany "that his engagement to Princess Ileana is to be dissolved, in accordance with an agreement between the Bucharest Government and the royal family," according to the New York Times. When Count Alexander "acknowledges receipt of this message," the Roumanian government will announce that the engagement has been dissolved."

It also has been reported that when Princess Ileana returns to Roumania, King Alexander of Yugoslavia, who is married to Ileana's sister, Marie," will come to "Bucharest for a private conference on the affairs" on the Roumanian royal family. One of the topics for discussion will be Ileana's marriage and the marriage of her brother, Nicholas. Also on the table for discussion will be the "question of Prince Carol's return" to Roumania.

Queen Marie is said to be in support of her eldest son's return home at "an early date."

Prince Nicholas plans a motor trip through Bessarabia to "examine the extent of the alleged unrest." Young King Michael is expected to make his first tour of his kingdom," where he will visit "one large town to another, visiting schools and charitable institutions and receiving deputations."

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