Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grand Duke Michael arrested

March 9, 1918

The United Press staff correspondent in Petrograd is reporting that Grand Duke Michael of Russia, the younger brother of the former Czar, was arrested last night. The arrest took place in Petrograd, formerly known as St. Petersburg, after the "discovery of a German plot to restore the monarchy and place him on the throne." Several "Russian officers and Georgian cavaliers" were also arrested.
The Grand Duke is being held at the Smolny Insitute. His part in "the conspiracy is not known."

In contrast to this story, the New York Times is reporting "that it is stated in the newspapers that the Bolshevist Government has been granted complete freedom to Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich. "According to this report, Grand Duke Michael has been "under arrest at his home."
Michael was named regent following the abdication of his brother, Nicholas II, who abdicated in March 1917 for himself and for his only son, Alexis. Last September, Michael and his wife were arrested, after it was "alleged that they were concerned in a monarchist plot."

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