Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grand Duke Alexander says reds will fail

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March 16, 1930

Grand Duke Alexander of Russia arrived today in Portland, Oregon, from British Columbia. He is en route to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Grand Duke, who is married to Grand Duchess Xenia, sister of the late Nicholas II, said in an interview with the Chicago Daily Tribune that he believes Russia's Communist government will fail. He declared that "Russia's 150,000,000 population is ruled and fed on by a central group of 1,000,000 'bandits,' who have built up a 'remarkable exploitation machine.'"

He also said it is impossible to predict how long the Communists will rule in Russia, as the government's position is "very strong."

"It controls the government, the railroads, the Red Army, and vast resources. Russia is more than six times as large as the United States and too large for its people to united against Communism."

Three of Alexander's sons are working in the United States. One is a stockbroker in New York City, the second works for Marshall Field's department store in Chicago, and the third son works in a Connecticut airplane factory."

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