Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ernst August gets slapped with big fine

Prince Ernst August of Hannover, 56, was fined today $270,000 (200,000 Euros) for assaulting, Kenyan hotelier Josef Brunlehner, in 2004.
The Prince, who is the head of the house of Hanover, was found guilty in 2004 of causing "serious bodily harm." At that time, he was fined 445,000 Euros. Ernst August appealed the conviction and was granted a new trial.
In the first trial, a German court ruled that Prince Ernst August had "repeatedly hit" Brunlehner, a German citizen, "with a metal object after becoming angry at the noise and laser show from the hotel disco."
Prince Ernst August and his wife, Princess Caroline of Monaco maintain that he only gave Brunlehner two "symbolic slaps, one for the music and one for the lights."
Prince Ernst August was convicted of "causing actual body harm," although he sought a complete acquittal of the charges. In January, Princess Caroline testified on behalf of her husband, although there are unconfirmed reports that the couple are separated.
A judge in Hildesheim levied a fine on Prince Ernst August: the equivalent of 40 days of his salary, which is 5000 Euros per day. The judge said that "the court was not in a position to be able decide between the two versions. He dealt Brunlehner two powerful clips around the ear in quick succession. Not the done thing, but not unrestrainedly violent either. There is no victor here. All those involved are on the losing side."
Prince Ernst August is a great-grandson of the last Kaiser of Germany, Wilhelm II, whose only daughter, Viktoria Luise, married Prince Ernst August of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg.



Princess said...

Salary? Is adulterous carousing and constant holidaying a profession?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Ernst August is a multi-millionaire.