Monday, March 29, 2010

Duke off Guise new French pretender

March 29, 1926

By cable to the Los Angeles Times

The death of the Duke of Orléans, pretender to the French throne, at Palermo on Saturday, caused "scarcely a ripple in official circles," although his death "brought lengthy eulogies" by his supporters.
The Duke of Orleans was succeeded by the Duke of Guise, whose "future residence in France is made impossible," unless he chooses to renounce his claim to the throne. Royalist supporters believe that the the Duke of Guise will not give up his claim to the throne, and will renounce all his interests in in France, and "reside permanently abroad." The Duke "owns a fine estate in France," and until now, he has kept out of politics.
French government officials "were little disturbed" by the Duke of Orléans' death. They also believe the Duke of Guise will "assume all the prerogatives of the head of the royal house."

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