Monday, March 15, 2010

Deportation Order for Zoubkoff

March 15, 1928

Alexander Zoubkoff, the "youth adventurous husband" of Princess Victoria of Prussia, will be deported from Germany, acccording to reports received in Cologne, the New York Times states. Zoubkoff failed to obey "the passport regulations laid down for foreigners," and was recently fined 500 marks. The Governor of the Rhineland ordered the deporation.
Although she is no longer a German citizen, Princess Victoria, a sister of the former Kaiser, was not included in the deporation order. The order cannot be enforced as Zoubkoff recently left the country, "presumably en route to the Congo district with a view of recovering from troubles rising from nerve exhaustion."
The princess is said to be "living quietly" at her villa in Bonn, "regretting the absence of her spouse of only four months."
According to the Associated Press, Princess Victoria "refuses to believe" that her husband "has been ordered expelled." When she was told that a deportation order had been issued, she called it "an infamous lie," and she repudiated the "allegation that her husband, anticipating expulsion, had fled secretly."
Victoria was also asked if she were contemplating a divorce. She responded that reports of a divorce were "utterly untrue and absurd. We are perfectly happy together. Only desire is to be left alone."

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