Friday, March 5, 2010

Crown Prince Boris to visit USA

March 5, 1906

It was recently announced that Crown Prince Boris, the eldest of son of the Prince of Bulgaria and "heir to his shaky throne," will soon make a "prolonged tour of the United States." The Los Angeles Times reports that Boris is a "remarkably good looking youngster. One English journal describes Boris as "highly educated, profoundly religious, skilled in all gracefull exercises. Boris is a pattern prince." The Times correspondent noted that English journals "are much addicted to laying the taffy on thick where royalty of any sort is concerned." This "pattern Prince" appears to be destined to "have a tough time of it ruling over such a hotbed of plots and intrigues as Bulgaria."
It is hoped that Boris, 12, "posseses some other qualities than those would enable him to shine in future life as a Sunday-school superintendent."
Boris' prospects "are not of the kind that are likely to excite envy in America." He lost his mother, Princess Marie Louise of Parma, when he was six years old. His father has "hunted around Europe a good deal to find a stepmother for him, but various "overtures have been declined with thanks. Royal families with eligible daughters "to not regard a Bulgarian alliance with favor." A marriage is considered "too risky."

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