Thursday, March 11, 2010

Austrian Fascists have plan for Habsburg restoration

March 11, 1926, by wireless to the New York Times.

Austrian Fascisti have revised their program for the restoration of the Habsburgs in four countries. The plan, which has been sent to Empress Zita, was revealed today, asks for the Habsburgs to renounce the idea of having "only one monarch on the throne." The new plan creates four monarchies, with Archduke Otto on the throne in Austria, Archduke Albrecht as King of Hungary, the eldest son of the late Archduke Franz Ferdinand as the ruler of Czechoslovakia, and one of Archduke Leopold Salvator's sons as king of Croatia.
Another option would be to have Archduke Robert, the second son of the late Emperor Karl and Empress Zita, rule Hungary, "theoretically as Viceroy, for Otto." The plans includes the "union of Austria and Germany," and Otto, as the new Austrian emperor, would be "required to accomplish" this goal.

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This would have been interesting if the Fascist plans went ahead.