Thursday, May 23, 2024

The wedding of the Hereditary Count and Countess of Fugger von Babenhausen


The religious wedding of H Ill H the Hereditary Count of Fugger von Babenhausen and Gabriella Stoudemire was celebrated on May 18, 2024, at St Moritz Church in Augsburg.   They were married in a civil ceremony at Babenhausen on May 21, 2022.  The civil marriage is the legal wedding in Germany and other European countries.  They are the parents of a son, Count Otto,  born in May 2023.

The Hereditary Countess is American.

The Prince and Princess of Fugger von Babenhausen

Countess Franziska Fugger von Babenhausen and her partner, 
                                                Mauro Bergonzoli 

The Duke of Bavaria and his partner, Thomas Greinwald

Princess Sophie-Alexandra and Prince Ludwig of Bavaria

The groom is in the middle with his brothers, Count Leopold and Count Nikolaus

Count Ignaz von Toerring-Jettenbach

Prince and Princess Napoleon

The Prince and Princess of Oettingen-Spielberg

The Hereditary Count and Countess with their young son, Count Otto.

Princess Mafalda of Hesse and Rolf Sachs

Princess Sophie-Alexandra and Prince Ludwig of Bavaria 

Rolf Sachs

Princess Claudia, Prince Josef-Emanuel and Princess Anunciata of Liechtenstein

Princess Claudia and Prince Josef Emanuel

Prince Casimir of Sayn-Wiittgenstein-Sayn

Count and Countess Caetjan von Toerring-Jettenbach

One of the Waldburg-Zeil daughters of the Prince and Princess of Waldburg-Zeil

The photos were taken by a friend, who has allowed me to publish the photos on Royal Musings.  Thank you very much!!!!  The photographer is the copyright holder.

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