Thursday, May 9, 2024

Lesson learned: Say no to GB "royal reporters"

 I have done several interviews with GB News' royal reporters.  I made it clear I never speculate. I rely on facts.   I can't read a royal's mind.   

A post I wrote about Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie got a bit of attention.  I agreed to talk to Dorothy Reddin, who covers the royals for GB News.  I did not expect her to add words to my comments. 

Here is Reddin's article.

And my thought was, Beatrice and Eugenie already have offices covered by the sovereign grant.

I did not say this.   Why?  Because they don't have offices covered by the Sovereign Grant. Their father had an office at Buckingham Palace until he was forced to step down as a working royal following the 2019 BBC Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis

"They, like most members of the Royal Family, lost their 24-hour security at least more than a decade ago now, and only have it when they go on engagements. But they do have a small office. 

I also did not say this to Ms.  Reddin.  I said they lost their security some years ago.   They do not have security when they do their charity work because their engagements are not official ... nor did I say they have a small office.  THEY DO NOT HAVE AN OFFICE.   The two princesses do not have security, they do not have private secretaries or offices at Buckingham Palace.  They are not working royals.

Geesh.  I have written to Dorothy Reddin asking her to remove those comments.  She did not respond.

I want to be clear that the bold words did not come from me.  

This is from my article, which Reddin read.

"It would be a good move for Beatrice and Eugenie to become part-time working royals, doing 5-10 engagements per month.    Most working royals have police protection only when they are carrying out engagements.  The PPOs protecting the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra could be reassigned to the York Princesses.

The Princesses could share a private secretary and a small office with Buckingham Palace staff.  The Sovereign Grant would cover the costs. I cannot crunch numbers but the expenses would be far less than for a full-time working royal."

Notice - the wording  "could share"  and "Sovereign Grant would cover the costs"   Dorothy Reddin should have referred back to my article, which was about a hypothetical situation.   I did not write they had an office covered by the Sovereign Grant.  I also did not say these things to Ms. Reddin.

So disappointed ... 

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Phil Stewart-Johns said...

I'm afraid the standard of "journalism" at GB News is sadly shocking. They are a glorified TV tabloid - and I'm not surprised that this has happened. They annoyingly kept on saying on 6th May, that it was a year since The King had ascended to the Throne, which of course it was not. It was (as of course WE all know the anniversary of the Coronation and that he ascended to the Throne on 8th Sept 2022 upon the death of his mother, the late Queen. GB News is riddled with sensational headlines and poor standard reporting, and have been reported to OFCOM (our TV regulatory body) lots of times. Don't lower yourself by getting involved with them.