Saturday, October 14, 2023

Yes, you see Ads now


You may have noticed that there are now advertisements on Royal Musings (and soon, Royal Book News.)  I am using Google's Adsense, and I expect to earn a few bucks every month, which helps when you are retired, and on a fixed income. 

If you are using an adblocker, I would be grateful if you could unblock Royal Musings and Royal Book News.  Seeing or click on the ads does not cost you anything, but it does help me.


 That is retirement, and I am getting used to it.  Making my way through the piles on my desk, as well as catching up on several projects around the house.  Now that the Nationals season is over, I will be spending more time at home.  And when the time changes next month, I know I will have less time outside to take photos of wildlife.  

In the next few days, I will have several posts about my second visit to London this year.  Yes. I did see the Coronation Robes.  It was a whirlwind trip!!

All photos @Marlene A Eilers Koenig

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J said...

Now that you're retired and you can decide what to do with your time, why not making a Youtube channel dealing with royals? It would be like this blog, but ecen more interactive. Given your reputation and knowledge, it would be gold. Also, you can monetize it and make way more bucks than here :)
Please consider it! Many would enjoy it! It would be a new, interesting challenge ;)