Friday, October 20, 2023

A Royal Weekend in Leeuwarden in October 2024


from Ted Rosvall, editor, and publisher of Royalty Digest Quarterly

"Bearn Bilker, Netty Leistra and I are happy to announce the first of hopefully many Royal Weekends to take place in LEEUWARDEN, Friesland (NL) from October 11th (evening) to 13th (afternoon) 2024 at the Stadhouderlijk Hof palace.

The program will include seven lectures by well-known speakers on various Royal topics. There will also be a guided tour through this historic city with a visit to the Grote en Jacobijnerkerk with the memorials of the dynasty of the Nassau family and a small organ concert in the French chapel Waalse Kerk with the famous organ of Anne of Hanover.

There will be two dinners included in the program - each with entertainment and mini-talks - and lots of time to get to know others who share your interest in the Royal Families of Europe. The conference's language will be English.

Our hosts at this event will be the Foundation Nassau and Friesland.

More information will follow in due course."

Leeuwarden is about 90 minutes from Amsterdam.

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Irene said...

I really wish I could attend this! It sounds fabulous!
(I live in the USA but was born in Friesland!)
I just signed up so I can comment on your wonderful posts!