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Beatrice von Preussen to marry Edmund Jenner: will it be Guinness or Harvey's at the wedding reception?

 Beatrice's fiance, Edmund Jenner, is the son of Miles Anthony Jenner, Head Brewer and joint Managing Director at Harvey's Brewery in Sussex, and Sally Abbott. The Jenner family has been involved with the brewery since the 1930s.  Ed's grandfather, Anthony, was the first non-descendant of John Harvey, who founded the brewery, to serve as Chairman.

I am sure the wedding reception will feature both Guinness and Harvey's beers.

Although the title Princess is used socially,  Beatrice's legal name is Beatrice von Preussen, as she was born in the United Kingdom and is a UK citizen.  Her parents' marriage was considered unequal by the then head of the house of Prussia,  HI & RH Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, but recently,  HI & RH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, head of the house, decreed that the morganatic marriages have been now been recognized and the children who had the surname Prinz von Preussen or Prinzessin von Preussen are now HRH Prince or Princess Christian name of Prussia.  Thus, Beatrice is now HRH Princess Beatrice of Prussia, although the title would not be recognized in the United Kingdom.

Her paternal grandfather, HRH Prince Friedrich of Prussia (1911-1966) was the fourth son of HI & RH Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany and his wife,  HRH Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenberg-Schwerin.  

Prince Friedrich, who was using the name Count Lingen, was studying in Cambridge in September 1939 when the second world war began.  As he was a German national, Friedrich was taken into custody and sent to an internment camp near Quebec City. He also spent time in another internment in Farnham, Quebec, before returning to England, where he met his future wife, Lady Brigid Guinness (1920-1995), the youngest daughter of Rupert, 2nd Earl of Iveagh.

Their marriage took place at Little Hadham on July 30, 1945.    Two years later, Prince Friedrich was acknowledged as a British citizen using the requirements of the Sophia Naturalization Act (1705), which gave British citizenship to the Protestant heirs of her body in perpetuity.  This law was superseded by the British Nationality Act (1948).  Prince Friedrich became Friedrich von Preussen.

His marriage to Lady Brigid was deemed equal, so the couple's five children: Nicholas (1945), Andrew (1947), Victoria (1952), and twins, Rupert and Antonia (1955).    All three sons married non-dynastically.  Antonia is the wife of the Duke of Wellington.

Beatrice was born on February 10, 1981, the eldest of 5 children.  She has two younger sisters, Florence (the Hon Mrs. James Tollemache) and Augusta (Mrs. Caspar Helmore), and a younger brother Frederick whose marriage to Mathilda Johnson took place earlier this year. 

She is a gifted artist whose most recent exhibit, An Exhibition of Illustration and Printmaking from the Arctic and Antarctic, was held in 2019.

 Edmund Henry Jenner was born on September 30, 1984.  He is currently Head of Technical Services at the Harvey's Brewery in Sussex.  His father, Anthony became Harvey's head brewer after selling the family brewery, which was known as "the Theatre Brewers" as "Jenner's beer was in every theatre bar in the West End.

In an interview with the Morning Advertiser in 2010,  Miles said he named his son Edmund "after Bury St. Edmund," where Miles trained as a brewer at Greene King in Suffolk.

Miles and Edmund Jenner  @Harvey's Brewery

Beatrice is a descendant of Queen Victoria:

Victoria - Victoria - Wilhelm II - Wilhelm - Friedrich - Nicholas - Beatrice


JohnF said...

Just reading Chips Channon's second volume of diaries. Prince Friedrich was a great friend of Chips. After war broke out Friedrich stayed at Chip's house Kelveden, in Essex for several months until he was interned as an enemy alien on the Isle of Man, after which he was sent to Canada. Bridgid ws Chip's sister-in-law being the sister of Chip's wife Honor.

Unknown said...

when did the Head of the Prussian RF announced the change? Is there a link or was that doen like with the Austrian Imperial Family.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

There has been no announcement. The information first appeared in the new Handbuch des Adels, which came out last month