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Crown Prince Carol weds Helen of Greece


Marlene A Eilers Koenig Collection

March 10, 1921

Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark and Crown Prince Carol of Romania were married today in Athens, reports the Associated Press.  This is the second marriage between members of the Greek and Romanian royal families.  Crown Prince George of the Hellenes and Princess Elisabeth of Romania married in Bucharest two weeks ago.

The couple was married first in a civil ceremony in the Palace.  It was followed "by an elaborate wedding" in Athens Cathedral.   Crown Prince Carol and Crown Princess Helen led the procession, traveling from the Palace to the Cathedral in a golden carriage, acknowledging the cheers of the thousands who lined the streets.

Queen Marie of Romania and Queen Sophie of the Hellenes, who are first cousins, sat in the second carriage.  Marie's "striking beauty and animated features" contrasted with  Sophie's "somber, immobile countenance."   They were followed by carriages that included King Constantine of the Hellenes, Prince George, and members of the royal families.  Fourteen princesses and seven Princes attended the wedding ceremony.

Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark, the bride's uncle, attended the wedding alone as his wife, the American-born Princess Anastasia who is unwell. 

Princess Helen wore a "white satin gown trimmed with gold."  Her veil, made by the woman of Bucharest, was a "rare beauty" and valued at 500,000 francs.  She wore on her head a "jeweled diadem" that was a gift from Crown Prince Carol.  

The newlyweds will remain in Athens for a week and then will spend their honeymoon in Sinaia, in the Carpathian Mountains.


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