Tuesday, September 8, 2020

It is time for a committal order!

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 Prince Ernst August of Hanover was arrested Monday after an altercation at his hunting lodge in Grünau in Amtal.   Shortly after 5 p.m, several police officers were called to Ernst August's home on the orders of a local court.   The charges against Ernst August, 66, are coercion, property damage and physical threats.

On July 15, he was briefly admitted to a mental hospital after attacking several police officers who had been called to his home.  A few days later, he allegedly drove to the local police station armed with a baseball bat and threatened to police officers.    

In the weeks that followed his original arrest,  Prince Ernst August, head of the House of Hanover, was looked after by family members, according to the Kronen Zeitung.  The police  wore body cams for yesterday's visit to the prince's home.  He allegedly threatened a couple -- reports do not identify the couple - stating that he would send a gang of thugs after then.  He also allegedly ripped out a traffic sign and a smashed a window on an object that belonged to the Duke of Cumberland Foundation.

A court ordered arrested was issued after 5 pm and Ernst August was taken to the jail in Wels.


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