Monday, June 8, 2020

A countly engagement: Rechberg-Waldburg

Countess Elisabeth von Rechberg und Rothenlöwen and Count Benedikt von Waldburg zu Zeil und Hohenems are engaged to be married.

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H Ill H Countess Maria Elisabeth Franziska Dorothee von Rechberg und Rothenlöwen is the eldest of six children of H Ill H Bernhard Count von Rechberg und Rothenlöwen and I ll H Countess Barbara von  Neipperg.  She was born at Schwäbish Gmünd on November 4, 1989.  A graduate of Schule Schloss Salem,  she has a BS in in nursing from Carl Remigus Medical school.  Countess Elisabeth specializes in children's health care and oncology at University Hospital in Frankfurt.

She also volunteers with Maltese medicine, which provides health care to people who do not have valid residency or health insurance in Germany.   Maltese medicine is a service offered by the Order of Malta.

The wedding will take place on August 15.

[Countess Barbara is the sister of the Hereditary Prince Karl Eugen of Niepperg, who is married to Archduchess Andrea of Austria, a daughter of the late Archduke Otto.]


H Ill H Count Bendikt Vitus Franz Josef Nikolaus Maria Wunibald von Waldburg zu Zeil is the son of H Ill H Count Vitus von Wakdburg zu Zeil-Hohenems and the late Countess Marie-Thérèse Nemes de Hidvég et Oltszem.  He was born at Munich on June 8, 1992.  He has a BS in timber management (University of Hamburg) and a master's in foresty science and management (The University of Göttingen). 

Count Benedikt is employed by DeSH, which represents Germany's saw and timber industry.

Count Vitus, a widower for two years now, is attending a Catholic seminary in Rottenburg.  Earlier this year, he said he hoped to be ordained as a priest on July 11, but due to COVID-19,  plans are on hold.

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