Sunday, September 16, 2018

Wedding preparations for Nicholas & Alina

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Just two weeks to go before Nicholas and Alina Maria de Roumanie will marry in a religious ceremony in Sinaia on September 30.

Nicholas, the grandson of the late King Michael, is in Sinaia making the final preparations.  The reception will be held at the Sinaia Casino.

More than 200 invitations have been sent out.   Nicholas' sister, Karina Medforth-Mills will be attending the wedding.  However, their mother, Princess Helen will not be attending, nor will Nicholas' aunt, Margarita, who is the head of the house.

According to the Romania news organization,  Mediafax,  Helen informed her son in a phone call that she would not be attending the wedding.  However, the information that HM Margarita returned the invitation unopened is incorrect.   The Royal House has not responded to the invitation.

Nicholas said the wedding will be a traditional one and reception in the evening "more formal."


The Blessed Virgin said...

wow !! saga continues. Has Nicky really displeased his family that much !

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

story has been updated to change incorrect information.

Göran said...

Mother and aunt are really not helpful in supporting the future of the royal family. Besides, I feel very sorry for Nicolae on a personal level. Tragic!