Thursday, August 30, 2018

True Royalty TV --- For royal watchers!

Yes, Virginia, there is an app for that ... that being a TV channel that shows programs about British royalty.    A royalty channel ... yes, you read that right -- a channel that shows programs on royalty ... modern and historical. 

The channel is called True Royalty and it is available to view in the US, Canada, the UK,  Ireland. Australia and New Zealand.

The Telegraph described True Royalty as the "Netflix for Royal Watchers."

True Royalty was launched by Nick Bullen, a British producer, whose program "The Queen's 90th birthday Celebration," earned him a BAFTA.  He also produced "Meghan Markle: An American Princess" for Fox.

Bullen, Gregor Angus and Edward Mason have formed ABM, the company that is running True Royalty.

The majority of the programs are BBC and ITV curated programs on the British monarchy.  At the time of the launch in June,  True Royalty had acquired about 150 hours of programming.    Bullen told reporters that he hoped to have more than 400 to 500 hours of programming by the end of 2018, by commissioning new works and, perhaps, signing a deal with BBC Worldwide to access their vault of royal programs.

In a statement at the time of launch, Bullen said: “From pharaohs to medieval kings to Meghan Markle, we take you across royal stories from across the world. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have royal content at your fingertips whenever you wanted it?”

The channel commissioned its first original program,  Meghan and Harry: the First 100 Days, which premiered on August 24.

If this channel takes off, perhaps Bullen and his investors can also inquire about out royal-themed programs from North America and Australasia networks. 

True Royalty is a subscription-based venture, similar to Acorn or Brit Box, both of which show British programming.  (Acorn also has Australian programs).

I am rather old-fashioned about how I watch TV.   I have cable.  I like sitting on my couch with a remote.  True Royalty can be cast from or the True Royalty app to your TV.   (I do not have data on my smartphone -- and just use the phone for calls and texts -- and have no idea what casting means, but I doubt my 11-year old Sony Bravia  is capable of such things.)

For my appy readers, you can download the app and access ... but not sure why you would want to watch a TV program on a teeny weeny screen.    You can also watch the channel on any computer  (

True Royalty is not currently available on Roku players (I have a Roku stick for my TV) or Amazon Firestick, although this may happen in the future. 

(Acorn is the only subscription-based channel I have on my Roku).

True Royalty offers a 7 day free trial.   The cost for Americans is $5.99 a month or $59.99 per year. 

I have asked my Twitter followers if any have signed up for the channel.  So far, no one has.  One follower said it is not available in Sweden.  Another said she hopes it is available in Canada.  Several had not heard of it.  (All the comments come from my royal followers, not my Nationals followers, just to clarify.)   If any of my readers are subscribers or have subscribed, please leave a comment. 

As I do not subscribe to the channel, I cannot access the list of programs currently available on True Royalty.   

This article will be updated if I receive more information about what is available on the channel.


Diane Brown said...

I signed up Day 1! I have followed Juliet Angus for long time. Thrilled that Gregor has made this leap.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...


Rick Schoen said...

If it becomes available on Roku players, I might consider it. I don't like watching TV/movies on my phone, so I don't think I'll sign up for unless I can watch it on a bigger screen. Would you subscribe if it was available on Roku players?

Michelle said...

I signed up right away and asked for (and received) a year-long subscription for my birthday last month! Love it!

Michelle said...

Marlene, Juliet was one of the Ladies of London on Bravo. Her husband Gregor is the CEO of ABM.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thanks have never seen this Ladies show. Rick .. I might try it for a month ...

Diane Brown said...

Yes Ladies of London Marlene. 2 seasons. Bravo channel. Bit like the Housewive shows. I really loved the show.