Friday, May 11, 2018

Update on the death of Duke Friedrich - no Airbag

Duke Friedrich of Württemberg was heading home to Schloss Friedrichshafen after visiting his parents, Duke Carl, 83, and Duchess Diane, 78, at their home, Schloss Altshausen.

According to several German newspapers, including Das Bild, it was a sunny, lovely day, in the mid-70s (F).  Duke Friedrich thought it was a good day to drive his dark green vintage Porsche 356 convertible.     He decided to travel by shortest route (19.5 miles), which lead "over narrow, winding country roads," rather than the main highway.

After passing Ebenweiler, four miles from Altshausen,  Duke Friedrich decided to pass a truck in front of him, but according to a policeman,  he did not see a car coming in the opposite direction.

 Duke Friedrich, who was 56 years old, was killed instantly.  The Porsche was not equipped with an airbag.

Duke Friedrich always focused on the people behind the tasks and projects when performing his activities: "He was turned towards people and always had an open ear for his employees,"  according to the Hofkammer.

The funeral will be held at the end of May.;art417930,9732296

The funeral will be held at the end of May.


Lisa said...

It is just sad that a reckless decision has cost the Duke his life....I cannot imagine the unbearable grief his family must be feeling.

Jason said...

In the days of the german empire which funeral would take precedence the heir to a reigning monarch or the furst of a mediatised house? I wonder as the two recent deaths would mean that mourners might have to choose between one or the other

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I expect the funerals will be on separate days.