Sunday, September 17, 2017

Two sisters - Grand Duchesses Maria and Kira of Russia

In Amorbach on Saturday (September 16),  Grand Duchess Maria's great-grandson, Hereditary Prince Ferdinand of Leiningen, married Grand Duchess Kira's granddaughter,  Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia.

Two sisters.  Great-granddaughters of Queen Victoria.   Daughters of a British princess.   Maria was the wife of Karl, the 6th Prince of Leiningen.  Kira married Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, who became the de jure German emperor, after the death of his father, Crown Prince Wilhelm.   Louis Ferdinand was very much concerned with bloodlines, and would certainly have approved of this marriage.

Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna and Karl, 6th Prince of Leiningen

All photos are from the Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection


Unknown said...

The Court dress attire the bride is wearing is stunning.

dragonsdream said...

Grown-ups sitting on the floor in wedding photos look quite odd.