Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Princess Maria Galitzine to marry Rishi Roop Singh

Princess Maria Galitzine and Rishi Roop Singh took out a marriage license in Harris County, Texas, on Tuesday.

The wedding is scheduled to take place on September 24th.

Maria Petrovna Galitzine, 29, is the fourth of six children of Prince Peter Galitzine and Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria.   Singh, 39, has a degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

He was the Executive Chef for Boheme, a popular Houston eatery, but was released from his job in 2014 over a "burger dispute."   He is now the executive chef at Batanga, a Latin American restaurant, also in Houston.

They have not been a couple for very long.   For the past several years,  Maria was involved in a long term relationship with Honduran-born and Houston resident Gabriel Florentino. In May, they traveled to Exuma Cay in the Bahamas for a romantic vacation.

Maria is a bridal consultant with Houston-based Kuhl-Linscomb, an upscale department store.


The Blessed Virgin said...

Is he related to any of the Indian royal familes ? I know his surname is quite common but you never know.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

No idea, but I doubt it. She was still in a relationship with Gabriel Florentino in the spring.

Unknown said...

Every Sikh can use the surname Singh and every female Sikh is called Kaur. Its to show respect to them as it means Queen and using the same surname means they all follow the same faith and have no caste system.

Unknown said...

RIP Maria. Praying for strength and healings for Rishi and Maxim. God bless both of you.