Friday, August 11, 2017

Will Elizabeth have to obey Philip?

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 August 11, 1947

The British Government is facing a tough decision.  Will they decide to allow Princess Elizabeth to promise to 'obey'  Lt. Philip Mountbatten , when they marry in November at Westminster Abbey,  reports the Associated Press.

The report is based on an article in today's London Star.

A Church of England bishop has sent to to the Princess, as a gift, two prayer books containing the marriage service.  One of the services omits the word 'obey.' while the older service binds "even a Queen to mind her husband."

Princess Elizabeth will be able to compare the two services, but there is a snag.  The service that includes 'obey' is the only service  with Parliamentary approval.

In 1929, Parliament "turned down the revised prayer book," but it has come into "wide use."

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Glitter Girl said...

I was the first in my Anglican family not to promise to "obey" in 1973, so you can see it took awhile to "catch on" in some circles. Some people were shocked, but I had read Germaine Greer in university and I was adamant. It seems hilarious now.