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Baby News: a baby for Ernst August and Ekaterina

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Update:  A spokesman for the Hereditary Prince and Princess has told the local Hannover newspaper, HAZ,  that the newlyweds will not "comment on a private matter."

Several German news organizations are reporting that the Hereditary Princess of Hanover is expecting a baby in March.

Prince Ernst August married Russian-born fashion designer Ekaterina Malysheva in July.

If their first born is a son, I wonder why they will name him.  Probably Ernst August, but that does not mean they will stick with tradition .... because the family has broken with tradition on two occasions.

Prince Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale, succeeded his brother, William IV, as King of Hanover, in 1837.  (William's niece, Victoria, inherited the United Kingdom.)    The Duke was known in Hanover as King Ernst August.   His only son, Prince George Frederick Alexander Charles Ernest Augustus, was born on May 27, 1819 in Berlin, three days after the birth of Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent, the future Queen Victoria.

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George succeed his father in 1851.   His only son was named Ernst August, who married Princess Thyra of Denmark, the youngest sister of the Princess of Wales.  They had three sons, Georg Wilhelm, Christian and Ernst August.  Georg Wilhelm was the heir.   Christian died at age 16 from peritonitis in 1901.  The youngest brother, Ernst August, became the spare.   In 1912,  Prince Georg Wilhelm was killed in a car accident en route to his uncle, King Frederik VIII's funeral.
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 The third son was now the heir.   In 1913, he married Princess Victoria Luise of Prussia.   Their eldest son was named Ernst August,  and his eldest son - the present head of the family is named Ernst August and his recently married heir (and soon-to-be dad) is named Ernst August.

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At least, one hopes a girl will not be named Ernestine Auguste.

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The Blessed Virgin said...

Great news, maybe EA senior might get over his battle and accept his son's marriage.. once the baby is born... But you never know...

Anonymous said...

Will the children of EA Jr. be in the line of succession to House of Hannover headship? I wonder if EA's decision not to approve his son's marriage will have any effect in this regard.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

No one is taking Papa seriously in this regard. He tried to leverage approval to get back properties he legally gave to his son more than a decade ago. It has not worked.