Monday, July 21, 2014

Prince Alexander talks about Saxony settlement

Prince Alexander of Saxony-Gessaphe, head of the former ruling house of Saxony, was recently interviewed about the final financial compensation from the Saxony government.

"It is a great pleasure for all of us that this unfortunate chapter, which has been with us for nearly 20 years, has finally come to an end. I want to thank everyone involved,"  Prince Alexander said in an interview with German newspaper, Sächsische Zeitung.

He is pleased that financial solution was arranged.  "It is important that the works of art remain in the museums, and we offer the Free State of Saxony the opportunity to purchase them."

There will be no argument about how the money will be divided.  The family will receive nearly 5 million Euros.    Prince Alexander will receive one thirtieth of the compensation, and, according to Alexander, Rüdiger Prinz von Sachsen (son of the late Prince Timo, is "entitled to the lion's share, about one-third of the total amount."

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